Interoperability simplified

Transform your lab’s interoperability and experience seamless integration, real-time data synchronisation, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Rapidly build custom integrations that cater for complex use cases to enable automated data integrations and workflows across your lab.

Universal compatibility

Seamlessly connect with any LIMS, analyser or third party software, thanks to LabConductor's universal support of all data formats and all messaging protocols.

Scalable solution

Easily scalable to accommodate the growing needs of your lab, from small-scale operations to large-scale, enterprise-wide complex environments.

No interface? No problem!

Legacy systems can be restrictive. LabConductor can connect directly to a database and can run RPA processes on a telnet session or desktop app.

Real-time alerts

Receive instant notifications with real-time alerts whenever a data processing run fails, pinpointing the exact location of the issue.

Flexible deployment

Cloud or on-premise? Choose your deployment method and establish direct connections with your laboratory database effortlessly.

User-friendly interface

Navigate a modern UI that empowers lab staff to make workflow adjustments without the need for specialised IT involvement.

Unlock unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in your lab with LabConductor. Experience seamless integration and real-time data management without the hassle of complex setups. Elevate your lab's performance today. Contact us to see how LabConductor can transform your operations. Your future of lab efficiency awaits!


The future of lab management

Step into the future of lab management, with a cutting-edge, cloud-based LIMS, packed with features that are designed for the digital era.
coming soon

Pathology reporting, re-imagined

Discover AI-powered dictation and real-time transcription that significantly reduces the time pathologists and scientists spend on reporting.
coming soon

A new era of inter-lab referrals

Digitise and automate every step of your lab's external test referral process, and simplify test ordering, sample logistics and result management.
coming soon

Inventory management simplified

Discover an efficient, accurate, and comprehensive solution for labs to control their supplies, leading to reduced waste and enhanced operational efficiency.
coming soon

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