At the forefront of pathology technology at Australian Parliament

Ben Richardson (CEO/CTO & Co-Founder) with Adam Zembrzuski (General Manager) at Australia’s Parliament House in Canberra

December 2023

Labflow's CEO, Ben Richardson, and General Manager, Adam Zembrzuski, joined in a critical discussion about the future of pathology technology at Australia's Parliament House. This event, pivotal in the landscape of healthcare technology, showcased the unveiling of an industry report commissioned by Pathology Technology Australia. The report highlighted the need for a shift from reactive to proactive use of pathology technology, emphasising the importance of early intervention in maintaining health and preventing disease.

The highlight of the event was the sharing of powerful stories by four patients. Their experiences, marked by challenges that could have been lessened with the quicker adoption of technology, brought both emotion and clarity to the discussion. These personal accounts stressed the urgency for Australia to fast-track its adoption of innovative health tech to keep up with other developed nations.
Labflow's presence and showcase of PathReporter, their latest AI-powered solution, was not just relevant but deemed necessary in this context. PathReporter represents the type of change Labflow advocates for in healthcare technology. It's more than just a tool; it's a catalyst for more efficient, accurate, and quicker diagnostic capabilities in pathology.
This event at Parliament House served as a reminder that Labflow's work extends beyond technology development; they are part of a broader movement aiming to revolutionise healthcare. The company is committed to making a tangible difference in people's lives through innovation.
Labflow left the event with renewed energy and purpose, ready to continue leading the charge in transforming healthcare. The future of pathology technology is bright, and Labflow is at its forefront, shaping a healthier, more proactive approach to healthcare.

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