Inventory management made simple

Finally, labs have an efficient and comprehensive solution to control supplies, leading to reduced waste and enhanced operational efficiency.

Simplify your lab's inventory processes and handle everything from inventory tracking to ordering, and from stock receipt to consumption.

Experience augmented reality

The real magic of LabStock lies in its mobile application, which uses AR (augmented reality) for a unique user experience.

Visualise stock levels

Utilise AR for intuitive and interactive inventory management, enabling stock receipt and consumption, with visualisation of stock levels.

Enhanced mobility

Scan an item's label to receive and consume inventory on the go, with augmented reality providing visual cues for quarantined or partially used stock.

Effortless ordering

Create and send orders directly to suppliers from the desktop application, or integrate with your ERP system for seamless order management.

Comprehensive inventory management

Track lot numbers, expiration dates, and partial kit usage, with in-built forecasts and alerts for near-expiry kits to ensure efficient stock consumption.

Reduce labour costs

Reduce your lab's reliance on manual labour and spend less time counting and ordering inventory, leading to significant cost savings for your lab.

LabStock is the inventory solution labs have been waiting for, offering unparalleled accuracy, reduced waste, and seamless integration with ERP and LIMS systems. Its intuitive desktop and mobile applications, combined with augmented reality, streamline stock management and enhance efficiency. Experience the future of inventory management with LabStock.


The future of lab management

Step into the future of lab management, with a cutting-edge, cloud-based LIMS, packed with features that are designed for the digital era.
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Unlock your reporting potential

Elevate your lab's reporting capabilities, and experience the latest in designing, compiling, auditing and sharing your lab's diagnostic reports.
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Pathology reporting, re-imagined

Discover AI-powered dictation and real-time transcription that significantly reduces the time pathologists and scientists spend on reporting.
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Interoperability simplified

Transform your lab’s interoperability and experience seamless integration, real-time data synchronisation, and enhanced operational efficiency.
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