The new era of inter-lab referrals

Digitise every step of your lab's external test referral process, including ordering, logistics and result management.

Embrace digital automation and say goodbye to the laborious task of manual data entry. SampleLink reduces human error, improves quality and increases your lab's productivity.

Step 1: Create

Automatically import the pathology referral from your LIMS into SampleLink, and upload supporting documentation as required.

Step 2: Send

Package the samples for transport and using a QR code, seamlessly track the sample status from collection to delivery.

Step 3: Report

When testing is finished, the pathology report automatically uploads into SampleLink, with the option for direct integration into your LIMS.

Eliminate data entry

Improve data integrity and reliability by minimising errors, ensuring consistent and accurate records with every entry.

Reduce labour costs

Streamlined data management reduces reliance on manual labour, in turn leading to significant cost savings for your lab.

Works with any LIMS

Offering a zero-integration deployment, means no direct interface is required to your LIMS. Experience the full benefit of automated workflows with any LIMS.

More than 'just' electronic orders, SampleLink is a comprehensive solution for order management, specimen logistics and result reporting. Built specially for diagnostic labs to streamline data exchange. Discover the efficiency of digital laboratory workflows and say goodbye to manual, paper-based processes for send-away tests.


Interoperability simplified

Transform your lab’s interoperability and experience seamless integration, real-time data synchronisation, and enhanced operational efficiency.
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The future of lab management

Step into the future of lab management, with a cutting-edge, cloud-based LIMS, packed with features that are designed for the digital era.
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Track every sample, every time

Monitor sample and courier movements from collection to delivery in real-time, ensuring full visibility and control of your laboratory samples.
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Digitise pre-analytic workflows

Transform pre-analytic patient workflows by digitising and automating key processes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency from order to sample collection.
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