Real-time sample insights

A plug-and-play LIMS enhancer that helps labs manage their urgent samples and outstanding lists in real-time.

The moment that a sample's turnaround time is exceeded, SampleHunter alerts the user in real-time so they can hunt the sample and process the test immediately.

Seamless integration

Effortlessly syncs with your LIMS for a smooth, uninterrupted workflow; SampleHunter works alongside your existing systems, enhancing their functionality and optimising staff efficiency.

Smart prioritisation

Specify turnaround times based on criteria such as ward location or patient status, allowing lab staff to prioritise samples from critically ill patients, ensuring they receive the prompt attention they need.

Improve turnaround times

Real-time sample tracking helps identify and address delays promptly, by providing detailed information on each sample’s current turnaround time, enabling labs to effectively reduce additional delays.

Modern UI

With a modern, browser-based user interface, lab staff can access all the information they need to keep track of samples in real-time.

Save time

Thanks to shortcuts and smart filters, users can visualise key information on a single screen, allowing them to spend less time sorting through information.

Built for diagnostic labs

Designed specifically for diagnostic and pathology laboratories, SampleHunter works with any LIMS to streamline lab workflows.

Don’t let outdated processes hold your lab back. Transform your lab’s operations and elevate your efficiency to new heights with Labflow's digital workflow automation solutions. SampleHunter is a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline your workflow, prioritise urgent samples, and ensure timely, accurate results for your patients. Join the hunt for excellence today.


Interoperability simplified

Transform your lab’s interoperability and experience seamless integration, real-time data synchronisation, and enhanced operational efficiency.
coming soon

Intelligent sample validation

A plug-and-play LIMS enhancer that enables seamless autovalidation with its powerful logic-driven rules engine and simplified user interface.
coming soon

A new era of inter-lab referrals

Digitise and automate every step of your lab's external test referral process, and simplify test ordering, sample logistics and result management.
coming soon

Unlock your reporting potential

Elevate your lab's reporting capabilities, and experience the latest in designing, compiling, auditing and sharing your lab's diagnostic reports.
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