Digitise your pre-analytic workflows

Transform pre-analytic patient workflows by digitising and automating key processes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency from order to sample collection.

Stop relying on manual and outdated pre-analytic workflows that are time-consuming and inefficient, and experience a digital solution for enhanced efficiency.

Step 1: Order

Doctors can initiate pathology test requests, capture billing information and document clinical history, digitising front-end sample registration workflows.

Step 2: Collect

Phlebotomists can print barcode labels to apply to samples at the point of collection, reducing the risk of misidentification and downstream errors.

Step 3: Send

Clinics and collection centres prepare samples for transport to the lab and consign specimens to a shipper for enhanced sample tracking.

Seamless integration

Orders can be seamlessly integrated with your LIMS to ensure that patient and sample information is automatically uploaded, significantly reducing manual data entry and enhancing data accuracy and consistency

Complete traceability

Labs can access up-to-date information on the number and status of samples at various collection centres, providing a complete overview of sample flow and enabling more efficient management and decision-making processes.

Reduce errors

Applying barcode labels at the point of sample collection ensures each sample is correctly linked to the corresponding patient and test request, thus reducing the risk of misidentification and labeling errors.

Stop relying on manual, out-dated pre-analytic processes and experience what digital transformation can do for your lab. Process samples faster, enjoy improved traceability and reduced manual tasks for streamlined pre-analytic workflows. Fewer mistakes mean fewer repeat tests, less wasted materials, and more efficient use of lab resources. Superior lab operations start with PatientHub.


Pathology payments made easy

Seamlessly capture payments for laboratory tests at the point of order or sample collection, eliminating the hassle of chasing unpaid invoices.
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Track every sample, every time

Monitor sample and courier movements from collection to delivery in real-time, ensuring full visibility and control of your laboratory samples.
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The future of lab management

Step into the future of lab management, with a cutting-edge, cloud-based LIMS, packed with features that are designed for the digital era.
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Interoperability simplified

Transform your lab’s interoperability and experience seamless integration, real-time data synchronisation, and enhanced operational efficiency.
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