Unlock your reporting potential

Elevate your lab's reporting capabilities, and experience the latest in designing, compiling, auditing and sharing your lab's reports.

Easily create tailored, white-labeled reports using flexible liquid templating, meeting specific client needs with professional, consistent documentation.

Better patient outcomes

Graphic-rich content makes it easier to understand and interpret complex data, leading to better decision-making and superior patient outcomes.

Your report, your design

Customisable templates allow tailored, white-labeled reports using liquid templating, enhancing flexibility and meeting specific client needs.

AI-powered insights

Leverage in-built AI to extract key insights from reports, storing structured data for dashboards, and enhancing understanding and decision-making.

Advanced AI auditing

AI auditing ensures report robustness by automatically validating data accuracy and compliance, catching errors before they leave your lab, effortlessly maintaining your lab's high-quality standards.

Secure data sharing

Protect report data with robust encryption and access controls, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations, allowing for seamless sharing of reports with clinicians.

Data consolidation

Automatically consolidate and organise data from multiple sources and across multiple clinical disciplines to provide a comprehensive patient report, reducing redundancy and ensuring consistency.

Unlock the full potential of your lab with ReportHub. Streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and leverage AI-driven insights for superior reporting and patient care. Experience the future of laboratory reporting and transform your lab’s efficiency and accuracy today.


Interoperability simplified

Transform your lab’s interoperability and experience seamless integration, real-time data synchronisation, and enhanced operational efficiency.
coming soon

Pathology reporting, re-imagined

Discover AI-powered dictation and real-time transcription that significantly reduces the time pathologists and scientists spend on reporting.
coming soon

The future of lab management

Step into the future of lab management, with a cutting-edge, cloud-based LIMS, packed with features that are designed for the digital era.
coming soon

Intelligent sample validation

A plug-and-play LIMS enhancer that enables seamless autovalidation with its powerful logic-driven rules engine and simplified user interface.
coming soon

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