General Manager

Adam Zembrzuski

With a career background in pathology and diagnostics, Adam speaks your language.

Having worked in the lab sector for >20 years, Adam brings a deep understanding of lab workflows and common pain points that laboratories face. Working as closely with our clients as he does with our software developers, Adam understands how to translate real-life problems into innovative customer solutions.

Spearheading all operations within the company, Adam's role is dynamic, requiring a deep understanding of customer needs and pain points, to then translating these insights into products that align with market demands. This involves close collaboration with the development team, ensuring that the software meets the precise workflow requirements identified during customer interactions. Adam's position not only demands a profound understanding of the technical aspects but also calls for a keen business acumen to drive the success of Labflow.

When asked 'what do you love most about your work with Labflow',

It's the fact that we show up differently - we're here to challenge the status quo and create new solutions for decades-old problems.

Prior to joining Labflow,

Adam embarked on his professional journey as a medical scientist, immersing himself in lab work in various pathology laboratories in Melbourne for the first five years of his career. Transitioning to the medical devices industry, Adam assumed a technical support role at the global diagnostics powerhouse, Abbott. Adam's 13-year tenure at the company saw him rise to becoming the Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand. However, seeking a new challenge, Adam explored other opportunities within the medical devices sector, a move that coincided with the onset of the COVID pandemic. Here, he worked with LivaNova, specialising in cardiac and implantable devices for patients with drug-resistant epilepsy, a type of technology known as neuro-modulation. With 20 years of expertise within the pathology and medical sector, Adam brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Outside of work,

Adam is an avid photographer, particularly drawn to capturing awe-inspiring landscapes using both his camera and drone. Cycling is another passion of his, and when he has the spare time, Adam makes sure to take advantage of opportunities for scenic rides around Melbourne. Adam and his family love to explore new places, the most recent trip seeing Adam, his wife and two children travelling to Hawaii.

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