CEO / CTO (Founder)

Ben Richardson

Helping solve complex problems by building simple, yet powerful software solutions.

Driving innovation and out-of-the-box thinking to adeptly tackle the diagnostic industry's biggested challenges, Ben's distinctive role as both CEO and CTO ensures a seamless fusion of business and technology. Beyond conventional CEO duties, Ben, accredited by the Australian Institute of Company Directors, advocates for governance excellence. His strategic vision spans globally, with a recent focus on discerning healthcare demands in India for the expansion of Labflow.

When asked 'what do you love most about your work with Labflow'

Playing a mission critical role in ensuring pathology labs today can keep up with demands for pathology tomorrow.

Prior to joining Labflow

Ben discovered the world of coding at the age of 14, gaining a keen interest in web development and leveraging his skills to craft and sell customised websites to businesses. Whilst completing his Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering at RMIT University, Ben honed his sales and business development acumen within a web development company in Melbourne called Squareweave.

Ben's entrepreneurial drive led him through various startup endeavours, including the establishment of an annual technology conference held in Melbourne, called Future Assembly. Transitioning into the corporate realm, Ben was headhunted by PwC and brought on as a product manager, driving innovative projects such as Nifty Grants and a cutting edge app used by Uber drivers today. Elevating his impact, Ben took on the role of CTO at Innowell, a groundbreaking mental health support initiative.

His global influence extended to Thailand, where he served as the President and CTO of a prominent co-working chain. Concurrently, Ben was involved in various public speaking engagements, where he shared insights on effective product development, scaling teams, and navigating the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship.

Outside of work

Despite the demands of Labflow, Ben manages to walk his dog three times a day, often taking calls during those moments. Occasionally, he schedules trips to Melbourne with his fiancé, Jess, to see friends and family. Ben still longs for more time for problem-solving and coding. Currently, he is working on a unique project—a solar-powered, low-range, high-frequency mesh network designed for fire-prone areas where cellular communication is often disrupted. This independent early warning system allows devices to communicate and provide notifications, aiding in disaster preparedness for bushfires. Another side project has seen Ben create a comprehensive web application to track every aspect of his dog's care, from medications to training, showcasing his knack for over-engineering solutions to practical challenges.

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