Chief Of Staff

Harry Sutton

Simplifying back end operations to ensure front-end success.

Harry plays a crucial role as the Chief of Staff, overseeing the organisation's operations and ensuring alignment with strategic objectives. In this multifaceted position, Harry collaborates closely with the CEO and COO, contributing to strategic planning and translating the company's vision into actionable plans. His responsibilities include managing communication across departments, handling special projects, and actively participating in onboarding and staff experience management. Harry thrives in the dynamic and fast-paced Labflow environment, leveraging his experience to foster a culture of flexibility, efficiency, and innovation.

When asked 'what do you love most about your work with Labflow'

What I love most about Labflow is the team's collaboration and drive to innovate tools that improve patient health, which in turn has revolutionised traditional lab processes. Watching Labflow grow from its early stages to a powerhouse has been incredible.

Prior to joining Labflow

Following the completion of his Bachelor of Journalism, Harry entered the industry immediately, securing work as a journalist and freelance writer. Contributing to sports startups like Australian Basketball Digest and Olympia Athletics, Harry proactively embraced additional responsibilities, stepping into the role of Editor in Chief when the opportunity arose. His freelancing ventures spanned various niches, granting him a comprehensive understanding of different industries.

Harry’s experience as a sales manager at Fitness First further enriched his skill set, adding depth to his professional expertise. Navigating the chaotic business landscape, Harry adeptly wore multiple hats and took on diverse responsibilities, uniquely positioning himself for his current role.

Outside of work

An avid basketball player and enthusiast, Harry has played at a high level throughout most of his life. Harry also enjoys reading, with his literary interests spanning diverse genres including, fiction, non-fiction, comic books, and Manga. In his down time, Harry immerses himself in the world of video games, both as a player and a developer, actively working on his own game as a side project. Harry also enjoys catching up with his friends to play board games, including Dungeons & Dragons. Alongside his wife Eliza, Harry owns two cats and two dogs, with talk about adding a fifth pet to the family to further keep them on their toes.

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