Senior Product Manager

Mark Petersen

Delivering on client's expectations whilst effortlessly keeping projects and products on track.

Mark's role centers on guaranteeing that clients receive the expected value from the products developed. He serves as a crucial link, effectively communicating and coordinating between various departments, including engineers, sales and marketing teams, designers, and clients. Mark's expertise lies in prioritising and aligning tasks to yield optimal results. His responsibilities also encompass managing client relationships, ensuring that expectations are met and value is delivered effectively. This contributes to seamless collaboration in product development and delivery across the company.

When asked 'what do you love most about your work with Labflow'

I love working with modern solutions to help solve old industry problems ultimately bringing efficiency and happiness to our customers.

Prior to joining Labflow

Mark's journey into the tech world began when he moved to Australia from New Zealand in 2011, initially working in the mining sector. He gradually gravitated towards technology and software, starting with spreadsheet management and eventually transitioning to a small startup focused on software solutions. This marked his introduction to the world of software companies and sparked a deep interest in product management. After furthering his expertise through study, Mark ventured into the healthcare industry where he worked for Healthengine, overseeing crucial projects amidst the complexities of the pandemic.

As a product manager, Mark played an important role in managing the COVID-19 response for bookings, to then expand into the pharmacy sector, successfully growing the platform to accommodate major pharmacy groups across Australia.

Outside of work

Beyond his professional commitments, Mark is deeply passionate about volleyball. Having previously played for the New Zealand beach volleyball team, Mark has been able to transfer his skills and experience as head coach of the Western Australia state volleyball team. When he's not immersed in work or volleyball-related activities, Mark finds joy in the simple pleasures of going to the movies, taking his dog for walks, and enjoying the everyday moments with his fiancé.

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