Creative Director

Melissa Randall

Designing beautiful software and seamless user experience to truly delight our clients.

Melissa brings over three decades of hands-on experience in UX architecture and human-centered design to the forefront. In her role, Melissa collaborates with engineering teams, prioritising user satisfaction while aligning designs with both client and end-user needs, to create visually engaging interfaces. Melissa's commitment extends beyond design; she's driving Labflow towards a more robust user testing approach. Augmenting user experience research and strategy, she ensures seamless functionality and user comprehension across all projects.

When asked 'what do you love most about your work with Labflow'

I love working with new technologies and exploring new design solutions that could potentially help millions of people

Prior to joining Labflow

Melissa's career comprised a diverse array of experiences. From her time at CHEP, a national agency handling big names like Telstra and IKEA, to freelancing in UX, UI, and front-end development for web and desktop apps, Melissa navigated through the evolving realm of design and technology. Her foundational expertise, self-taught and refined over the years, spans web design, multimedia, graphic and print design, providing her with the ability to adapt seamlessly to emerging internet technologies. Melissa’s leadership experience includes co-founding a web business and directing it for six years, laying the groundwork for her impactful contributions in design.

Outside of work

Melissa’s main hobby is playing the guitar and writing songs, often collaborating with other musician friends. Melissa’s music studio houses her collection of records, guitars, amplifiers, and an electric drum kit, creating an ideal space to both listen to music and jam with her band members. When she gets the chance, Melissa enjoys playing live gigs within the heavy rock scene, with her original music taking influence from bands such as Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and Pink Floyd. Melissa also lives with her partner and two cats, Jack and Dusty, who coincidentally sport the black and gold colours of the Richmond Football Club, the team that Melissa passionately supports.

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