Product Manager

Travis Low

Supporting clients in the implementation and ongoing use of our products.

Travis oversees the development, refinement, and release of the Labflow's products. This involves close collaboration with customers and clients to understand their needs and relay that information to the development team. Additionally, Travis provides customer success support, aiding clients in getting started with Equinox's products and services. His role requires versatility, as he tackles a range of tasks that arise, from building prototypes for developers to addressing any emergent needs.

When asked 'what do you love most about your work with Labflow'

I love being able to utilise our products to simplify the digital experience for labs, as well as being a part of the team that uses tech to take on big challenges that labs face.

Prior to joining Labflow

Travis' journey began with his pursuit of a Design Computing degree at the University of Sydney. During his study, Travis was given the opportunity to pass on his newfound skills through teaching design innovation at the university, specifically guiding students to tackle problems with creative solutions. Alongside his teaching role, Travis gained experience in user experience market research, whilst also working as an IT specialist at JB HIFI.

Outside of work

Travis’ number one joy is spending time with his daughter, Hazel, and partner, Aimee. He's also a passionate DJ, occasionally spinning tracks at parties and events in and around Sydney. Travis loves watching cricket and is eager to return to playing for his local cricket team. Additionally, he indulges in video games, with Counter Strike being his current go-to choice.

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